Line, in an abstract sense, is an invisible threshold that is simultaneously thin and thick. Line sets up boundary, it also could be the opportunity for crossing. The project intends to investigate the meaning of line and widen the threshold across multi-disciplinary fields through architectural instrument, inventing an incubator of innovation and collaboration for North Design Union.  The most prominent architectural move- a diagonally cut through the building, where each floor is divided by this conceptual “WALL” into two compartments-open office space and interactive urban public space, purposefully misaligning between typical office level and public space level, which suggests dynamic visual dialogue between each two levels of activities and offers the heterogeneous spatial character of always seeing and being seen. This new typological intervention creates reciprocity between concentration and interaction as responding to the present homogeneous working environment as general.
wall diagram 3.jpg
YBN-A-G100364 - THE LINE - 01.jpg
 Through its minimum footprint occupancy on ground and maximized 30m height on elevation, the exterior of the building resembles massive screen exhibiting the creative design process from NDU designers at all levels, that engages the city with an open plaza that emerged with ground floor lobby entry, auditorium and cafeteria.  The concept is further articulated by challenging the traditional centralized office core layout and proposing an inside-out expressed core that grows from the central diagonal LINE- two pairs of scenic lifts are allocated in two atrium that one dedicated to office and the other serves for public space floors, while the egress stairs and service zone are exposed at the two ends, defining a vigorous urban interface.
YBN-A-G100364 - THE LINE - 03.jpg
 As digital tools are heavily relied in the present working environment of design field, we believe design creativity is more a process of interactive communication and mutual inspiration. Flexibility is largely encouraged by introducing uninterrupted open floors as for accommodating changing numbers of groups. On a more intimate scale, mutually permeated spaces between the line on all floors allows for meeting/discussion/multi-media exhibition/workshops inhabiting smaller groups that generates constant interaction between formal and informal.
   Section A-A Thin Line
   Section B-B Medium Line
   Section C-C Thick Line
 The coexistence of the two seemingly contradicted spatial conditions - partition and openness, is common goal but more of a cliché in Le Corbusier’s Domino system in majority of office/institutional types of architecture.  In this project, we aim to establish a new pedagogical model that embraces both conditions through thinking “LINE” as new spatial apparatus. The line generates spatial division of two clear territories, where a flexibly defined “third” space dancing in between, amorphous in terms of both abstract form and articulated functionality, encourages clarity on plan and differentiation on section.
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