Characteristic of Natian flower fields is the culture established within the diverse nature that emerged from the man-made biological diversity and complexity. It is important to further investigate this sustainable interrelationship within contemporary context of Chinese urban built environment.   Understanding the existing flower fields as a representation of natural resources, the project aims to generate a monolithic infrastructure that articulates the identity of the place through introducing a greenhouse inspired typology and expanding the seasonally influenced tourism towards a four-season celebration of nature.  The building enriches visitor’s sensibility to nature on every sense through a series of instrumentally created micro-climate and atmosphere that dramatically transforms from extroversive outdoor to introversive indoor experience, through which a series of exhibiting, growing, researching and performing events occur with rhythm.   The educative journey would eventually provoke a collective awareness of the significance of careful balance between human and non-human by appreciating the poetic beauty of the nature.
 Legacy of Natian  The inherit mechanism of existing condition of the site is horizontally expanded and embodies sunlight, water, soil, plants, stone and other natural elements. Taking the site condition as a spatial prototype, our building is chosen as a fragment of the current flower fields and intends to invite a topographical intervention that breaks down this horizontality into multiple pieces and gradually leads to a new dimension of intimacy with the plant species.
 The Folded Path  The site is situated in between multiple public pathways that run through the flower fields. It is also a spatial continuation of the elevated bridge which connects the site to a larger context. The architectural geometry folds the linear experience of outdoor pathways into a much higher intensity of movement, capturing the fluidity of river and the solidity of flower fields simultaneously. This level of abstraction raises visitor's recognition of familiarity as well as difference.
 One Year, Four Season, Nine Scenes  The seasonally anchored activities further define the dialogue between the building and context, ranging from one day, through one month, one season and a whole year. Flower viewing and gardening serves as the fundamental setup for tourism. Educational events such as agricultural lectures, summer planting workshops for children are allocated in the off-school season. Art exhibition, fashion show, performance are also integrated into the annually programmed open plans as a public stage for not only the flower fields but also the city.
 Man-made Topographical Continuity  The visitor's experience begins with an exterior terraced flower fields that smoothly leads people from above grade to underground, the process of which gradually immerses the visitors into a series of adventures.  The elevated path within the building constantly interacts with the stepping plant fields at multiple levels. From a person's view perspective, one can always see the exterior flower fields as a coordinate reference and channel through the dialogue between indoor and outdoor. The variety of plants is carefully curated to create density transitions along visitors' walk as well as seasonal changes as an entirety of biomass.
 Sectional Simultaneity  The monolithic structure and fragmented terraced planting fields creates a drastic contradiction in terms of the spatial integrity. But at the same time, it enables visitor to be aware of where they are through looking at the giant roof when they move along the zigzag pathways. Also, the undulating roof and sunken ground generates a series of height different moments where people feel drastic changing of intimacy with surroundings.
 The giant atrium is where the interiority of the space reaches its peak dynamics. Visitor’s physical movements at both horizontal and vertical the associated with multiple layers of planting fields are simultaneously exhibited under the monolithic roof structure. This is also the moment when indoor elevated pathway are aligned with the outdoor ground which creates a mutually dependent visual interaction. From either side, the relationship between seeing and being seen brings an intricate collectivity.  
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