A shopping plaza for the 21st Century should not only pursue commercial profits by maximizing the number of renting retails but also need to address social and cultural needs by provoking visitor's sense of experience and involvement in diverse forms and presence. So a shopping plaza is not a collection of shops, but a stage where multiple commercial, cultural and institutional events occurs. 
 The sense of experience in a shopping plaza is associated with the fusion of regularity and irregularity, formal and informal, which is very well translated in the traditional Chinese garden as architectural form. The key element of making a Chinese garden is a continuous corridor that connects architectural pavilions, stages, walls and man-made landscapes including rocks, hills, ponds and plants, which creates ever-changing scenes as people move inside the corridor. 
 In a traditional shopping center, corridor is only regarded as a way of connecting retail stores which is not well conceived and integrated into the space. Instead, as a concept, corridor is the intermediate membrane between interal and external that activates  boarder and boundary.
 A 21st Century  shopping plaza is an incubator for urban life, where people not only purchase commodities but also exchange ideas. The concept of urban corridor which transformed from traditional Chinese Garden in Shanghai enables an experience of being intimately engaged in the city while people are wandering both inside and outside the space. It is a city within a city that the exterior space is always shared by the public and surrounding neighborhood.  It creates an new identity for Shanghai inherited from the old.
 The central open space is seen as a collage image of urban life. Event Space with architectural expression streches out from corridor space into the central, creating multiple scences that implies cultural, commercial and social activities inside it. The conflict among architecture's geometrical forms is also an abstraction of man-made landscape from traditional Chinese garden.
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