-Concept  The Fallen Rocks is a piece of nature emerge from the cliff. It camouflages, by emulating the processes of falling rock in its composition, and integrates with the natural environment, complying with the nature laws. Carving into the mountain, Torre de Savina serves as a nail driving through programs, emphasizing verticality of the composition and as a start point of the circulation.  -Composition  Composition of rocks on cliff are stepping, bigger piece and smaller piece repeat in rhythm, and, rocks are embodied each other. When transforming the solid language into architecture voids, space penetrates each other and generates an order of space – from public to private, and from open to tranquil.
 -Moments  Arriving at the fork in the boardwalk,the artist detours from the tourist, walking down along the cliff. First encounter of the house is the arch with circular skylight carving in the rocks at the bottom of Torre de Savinar. Arriving at the platform is the artist’s own gallery with view to the sea. Walking down a long stairs is the finale of spaces of the house - a studio which sees through every room and with the view towards es Vedra  Absolute freedom sometimes scares but this decision should be taken as an absolute degree of freedom but at the same time of some risk, since as we have previously told in a delicate landscape, with a great landscape potential where the concept of limit, the horizon, the detail, the earthly, the vegetation, the pre-existence… should be put on a scale and try to balance, as it is said, virtue.
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