The project intends to invent a temporary structure that captures the ephemerality of tulip blossom in Amsterdam spring season in both abstract and sensitive senses. It is also designed to be a special outdoor sculptural piece as part of the annual Amsterdam tulip festival. The site is chosen next to the statue of Joost van den Vondel in Vondelaprk, among which is the most iconic spot that represents the park’s history and its linkage with the rest of urban fabric. Architecturally, the pavilion approaches openness and transparency by consisting three elements vertically. Base is the free-standing high-density foam with man-made topographical variations that is articulated according to human body scale, at about 7m height 64 tulip-resembled shape balloons with frit texture are capped by a series of rings that are hung to the base. The pavilion base is assembled by 22 pieces of variable scales, which is conceived to be capable of being distributed all over the Vondelpark and becoming a network of urban furniture.
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